For More Information | Vol. 2

hey hey summer, what up? it’s time for the cool jams, sunburns, and all things fresh. i still like the idea of this kind of post so i’m running with it. but more like walking. or kayaking. yeah, i’m kayaking with it. i like it. don’t you?

In prayer circles with musicians who cuff their pant legs and keep their top collar button fastened, I learned …

Is it 2016 yet?

Can we even TALK about the greatness of this music video? 1:37…

Not to be fooled. The waterproof compartment? Not so waterproof.

How fast will you read it?

Coming at chu in july.

Skip the sugar for sure.

The most random of them all.

ENFJ, cool it on the deep emotions. You’re ruining our chances.

They get me every time. Part 3.

Joy Williams, you go girl. 

Israel isREAL.

Brb going to cry.



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